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Windows Migration

A Windows 10 migration is more than the replacement of an operating system! The Windows 10 migration issue must therefore be an integral part of an integrated desktop or end-user computing strategy that lasts.

Migration is a huge workload for the IT department, in addition to existing IT initiatives. IT staff must address key challenges such as system manageability, Windows 10 compatibility with existing software and hardware, and security.

In order to achieve these goals within the specified time frame, at the calculated costs and in the necessary quality, we support you in structuring, planning, coordination and implementation. We motivate and empower employees, drive projects forward and promote communication, team building and understanding for upcoming tasks. We always pursue a successful concept, which we would like to bring closer to you.

1. Consulting and Workshop

Intensive exchange between partners and companies to explain the Microsoft strategy and technologies. This includes topics such as: Azure AD - Microsoft Cloud Services - Office 365 - Windows 10 Features - License Model - Cloud vs. On Premises. The consulting must include a rough assessment of the internal processes.    

2. Capture the initial situation

Determination of the initial condition and assurance of a comprehensive approach

Recording of national and international branches

Inventory of clients and assets (hardware)

Recording of business processes

Inventory of operating systems and applications

3. Definition of results and desired objectives

The difference between the initial situation and the target situation significantly determines the path of migration.

It is important to bear in mind that each company has different goals and different individual approaches. Predefined and clear objectives ensure a smooth transition and reduce staff deployment and costs.

4. The feasibility study

... examines the initial situation and the objectives and determines the framework within which a migration can be realised. The following points must be taken into account:


Is the existing client infrastructure Windows 10 compatible?


Is the internal staff able to invest time in a project of this size?


Is sufficient capital available to implement a comprehensive concept?


Does the internal staff have the necessary know-how to realize a migration?

5. Stategic Decisions

... significantly simplify the course of a project. Investments before a migration pay off during the life cycle of an IT infrastructure.

Hardware Standardization

fewer drivers - fewer compatibility problems - simple replacement for individual parts or complete units - simple management

Software Standardization

more security and less support time - easy to manage

Automated Processes

ITIL Service Management (Help Desk, incident, change, cmdb ...) - software supply - lifecycle of hard- and software and licenses

Strategic Partnerships

Service partner with expertise for less in-house training - outsourcing of tasks and responsibilities

6. Selction of technology and services

... for the realization of highly compley processes that run automatically in the background.

Client Management - Managed Service

Ivanti DSM

for companies in the enterprise environment with more than 1.000 clients

Quest KACE

for all companies form small businesses to enterprise environments with up to 5.000 clients