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OFF LIMITS Framework

for Quest KACE Software Management Appliance

An important point when introducing software into a enterprise environment is the use of standardized processes for software lifecycle - from packaging to distribution and maintenance to rollback. This requires a solution that supports this both conceptually and technically on the basis of best practices, e.g. within the framework of established standard workflows.

The OFF LIMITS Framework makes use of the open standard of the Quest KACE Software Management Appliance, which allows to define and query extensive, customer-specific values and to execute necessary tasks within a container solution.

The OFF LIMITS Framework is to be understood as a kind of "toolbox", which is extended with each customer deployment.

The OFF LIMITS Framework focuses not only on functional enhancements but also on the standardization of packaging. This is helped by proven functions which, together with our best practices, ensure a uniform structure of the software packages.

This facilitates the induction of new employees as well as collaborative work on a software library within the IT department. Software statuses and processes can be documented in a structured and clear manner, as analysis and troubleshooting is simplified by a standardized logging feature.

Framework Features

  • supports the implementation of the software lifecycle according to ITIL
  • clear and uniform log file structures as well as freely defined returns provide easily evaluable log files, which can also be automatically evaluated by user-defined inventory rules.
  • by standardizing the packaging processes, packaging costs can be reduced by up to 50%
  • the packages created with the framework can be ported to other systems with minimal effort


Allows the installation of applications from the corporate network

User-controlled patch processes that can be executed by double-clicking on them


Support for software packages with the help of "offline" logs - without switching to the client

Automated PDF reports for the delta analysis of a client in the pre- and post-installation phase.

individually expandable

The OFF LIMITS Framework is provided as a toolbox and can be extended by customer-specific command sets.


The OFF LIMITS Framework is Free Software: You may redistribute and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License, as set forth by the Free Software Foundation, Version 3 of the License.