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Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management

Everything in one place and one workflow

Ivanti Endpoint Manager increases user and IT productivity by helping IT administrators collect detailed device data, automate software and operating system deployments, and quickly resolve user issues. It integrates and unifies the management of all endpoints and provides core data and services used by other Ivanti solutions.

Identify, inventory and configure all devices - PCs, laptops, servers, tablets and smartphones.

  • Effective support for mobile users
    Take advantage of mobility and allow your users to work on any device with confidence that security measures are available to protect corporate information across endpoints.
  • Simplified administration
    Unify and simplify policy distribution. Implement a single user policy, once, and apply it to all of the user's devices.
  • Manage BYOD (Bring your own Device)
    It shouldn't matter who the hardware belongs to. Manage access to corporate data without compromising the user's personal information.
  • Secure what matters
    Respond quickly if a device is lost or stolen and protect access to corporate content.
  • The IT in "UNITY".
    Manage and protect all your users' devices from a single, unified system.
  • Unified experience
    Offer a single interface and unified navigation experience from the desktop to the tablet to the smartphone.
  • EMM and Full Agent
    Leverage the best of both worlds and manage your devices through EMM and the powerful agent-based management style.
  • Operational Security
    In combination with "Ivanti Endpoint Security", you can easily isolate devices in the event of a violation, automatically port software and reintegrate the device into the network.
  • Transparency and control
    Apple devices are common BYOD devices. Recognize them, manage them, and assign each device to its user.
  • Unify endpoint management processes
    Make configuration changes or push packages across Macs, iPads, iPhones or other PC and mobile platforms.
  • Control assets, compliance, and costs
    Gain control over business risks and costs that can result from fines, too many license purchases, and wasted energy that can impact your bottom line.
  • Protect devices and keep apps up to date
    Avoid vulnerabilities by ensuring that everything is up to date. Counter security attacks and risks from viruses, ransomware, and user configuration changes.
  • Improved user and IT productivity
    Automate tasks while providing a more modern experience for all users. Save IT administrators the hassle of jumping back and forth between multiple consoles.
  • Management for educational institutions
    Manage and protect technologies and devices used in classrooms.
  • Third Party Software
    Largest catalog of patch content for operating systems and third-party applications.
  • Support for heterogeneous platforms
    Comprehensive vulnerability detection and repair for Windows, Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux and Mac OS X systems, including vulnerability detection and reporting for HP-UX systems.
  • Remote Patching
    Test multiple applications, bundle them into packages, and cache patches across the network in advance for rapid deployment without impacting the network or users.
  • Patch Lifecycle Management
    Make sure patches are rolled out in stages to avoid negative impact and impress your Change Control Board.
  • Automated Updates
    Master updates with automated rollouts that allow you to patch at the pace you want.
  • Patch at any time from any location
    Decide how to interact with devices anywhere using wake-on-WAN, device restarts, and do-not-disturb events such as patching.
  • Transparent
    Evaluate patch status with scans, dashboards, and reports.
  • Patch Intelligence
    Gather feedback from users to determine the impact of patches on their productivity. Identify the correlation between patches and users.
  • Gain control over software security
    Take control of applications from the moment they are installed by controlling the rights and privileges granted to users.
  • App-Store-Comfort
    Update the way you deploy applications by providing a more modern self-service experience.
  • Deploy to multiple platforms in minutes
    Deploy it to thousands of computers with different operating systems anytime, without consuming expensive enterprise bandwidth.
  • Automate Software Rollout Projects
    Use faster methods to test and deploy. Eliminate problems before software rollout projects begin.
  • Track licenses and reclaim unused data
    Track software usage and withdraw unused software to reassign it. Achieve a fast ROI on your software investments.
  • Multi-threaded
    Processes logon actions simultaneously so users don't have to wait.
  • Contextual Engine
    Target policy settings for any combination of user and desktop attributes.
  • Easy transition
    Import existing GPO templates to facilitate Group Policy decommissioning.
  • Less Maintenance
    Extensive search and filter options reduce ongoing maintenance.
  • Graphical console
    An easy-to-use graphical console covers all possible desktop actions and configurations.
  • No infrastructure required
    Requires no additional servers or database infrastructure to install and run.
  • Reduce logon processing
    Remove unnecessary actions from the logon process and use them only when needed.
  • Comprehensive insights
    View current IT status, track performance and assess risks to take immediate action and better plan future resources.
  • Core Information
    Only present what is important for team members and managers.
  • Unified data
    Combining multiple systems around the overall image, the small image or as much of the image to watch as necessary.
  • Detailed Reports
    Uncomplicated data analysis to unlock hidden potentials as well as find lost assets, new service opportunities or endangered end devices.
  • C-suite Overviews
    Business-oriented dashboards at a glance with metrics and financial impact.
  • Collaborate and share
    View, exchange and decide on business-critical data.
  • Real-time automation
    Replace manual management with automation. Detect devices in any network segment quickly and in real time.
  • Interrelationships and links
    Visualize the links between devices, software, assets, and users.
  • Visualize data and create user-related reports.
    Browse inventoried data with data visualizations and create custom reports.
  • Inventory of Remote Devices
    Inventory assets and devices in remote locations as they connect to the Internet. VPN not required.
  • Find software assets
    Benefit from a comprehensive list of all software with extensive usage information.
  • Unauthorized Access Points
    Automatically identifies an endpoint in each subnet to identify all wireless access points that appear on your network
  • Redundant OS Images
    Since everything is derived from the operating system, there is no need for mass images. The solution automatically puts everything back in its place.
  • Migration Schedule Options
    User acceptance of migrations increases when you can choose when to upgrade.
  • Maintaining security standards
    Migrate devices to the latest versions of Windows without breaking their encryption.
  • Zero touch power for new devices
    Create a system that allows you to apply an image and user profile to devices that come directly from the reseller.
  • Improve the ongoing provisioning process
    Use the migration to upgrade your processes: Improve your provisioning, patching, and software license compliance processes.
  • User Profiles and Personalization
    Ensure a consistent user experience. Easily extract and move user profiles, settings, and files between Windows versions.
  • Templates that save time
    Provide new or existing devices with templates that reduce PC configuration steps to a minimum.
  • Control migration progress
    Gain a real-time view of migration progress. Keep management informed as you move forward according to plan.

Key Features

  • Management of different operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, iOS and Android) in one console
  • Endpoint Security incl. Application Control (Black and Whitelisting), Device Control, Firewall and AntiVirus.
  • Complete hardware and software inventory including data standardization and normalization.
  • Patch catalog with ~5000 products from more than 120 suppliers
  • Real-time dasboards and reports
  • Mobility Management (MDM and MAM)


User-based, annually billed licensing

Classic Licensing

Device based, one-time invoiced licensing with annual maintenance costs

Managed Services