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Managed Services for Unified Endpoint Management

More Workspace - Less Expenses

As a leading managed service provider in the field of client management, we offer a portfolio of standardized managed services within the scope of client management software products, which is tailored to your needs.

Based on our many years of experience and proactive monitoring, our consultants ensure that your infrastructure is error-free and up to date. This applies not only to the product components used in your data center, but also to the software packages provided for operating systems, applications and drivers.

Our consultants ensure a continuously retrievable and valid database within the asset management, supplemented by informative reporting for IT projects and management. A fully-fledged service desk complements our managed services and ensures the smooth and efficient operation of your entire client management infrastructure on the basis of a monthly fee per managed and licensed client.


Your benefits due to Managed Services

  • ensuring the ongoing operation of the client management infrastructure through proactive 24x7 monitoring
  • continuous updating of the client management infrastructure (minor & major releases)
  • support of the daily business by experienced consultants in the Service Desk
  • packaging & updating of all software products in use (drivers, OS and applications)
  • operation of rule-based patch management for all common Microsoft products, as well as for a large proportion of 3rd party manufacturers
  • ongoing maintenance (e.g. cleaning) of all asset data
  • provision of informative reports for IT projects and IT management
  • simple billing based on a monthly flat rate per licensed client

Managed Services Overview

OS Deployment

  • Ppovision & distribution of current operating system templates
  • distribution to all company locations to enforce standards
  • initiation of new client installations by e.g. the service desk of the customer

Application Installation

  • provision & distribution of application packages
  • provision of compliance status during installation
  • release & revision management of application packages

Driver Installation

  • continuous checking & updating of the driver packages within the scope of availability on the part of the manufacturers
  • provision & distribution of driver packages for the client hardware in use
  • provision of drivers as pre-installation package for OS installations

(3rd Party) Patch Management

  • testing & release of function and security patches for Microsoft and 3rd party manufacturers
  • maintenance and updating of exception and interval regulations


Asset Management

  • ongoing maintenance & updating of the asset database
  • provision of customer-specific queries and reports

User Migration

  • backup and restore user data and profiles as part of migrations


  • provision of case-related reports depending on the respective customer situation
  • ongoing maintenance and updating of standard IT & management reports

Virtual Asset Management

  • integration of virtual assets into the infrastructure
  • virtual asset management

Package Lifecycle

  • creation of software packages (as part of major releases)
  • updating of software packages within the scope of minor releases of the manufacturer or a change request by the end customer
  • provision of installation, repair and uninstallation routines

Managed Infrastructure

  • update of the product installation/product suite/client management software in use
  • proactive monitoring of all core processes to ensure trouble-free operation

Service Desk 8Hx5D

  • support services within the scope of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level support via hotline and e-mail
  • control & implementation of a change request within the scope of service delivery
  • assistance in the context of the user experience

supported deployment technologies

Ivanti DSM

Quest KACE

Microsoft SCCM

Ivanti EPM