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Unified IT Enterprise License Agreement

The Enterprise License Agreement contains all central Ivanti products. It covers every topic relevant for a company in the context of digital business transformation and provides them with a tool with which the introduction of a company-wide uniform IT strategy can be implemented intelligently and efficiently.

Ivanti makes it easier to get started or to switch to the Enterprise License Agreement via the "Pick 2" model. Companies have the possibility to design the entry depending on their current preferences. Companies facing the challenge to unify Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) company-wide benefit from the aforementioned combination of two freely selectable primary products.

Guarantees the right solution for your business challenge

On- & Offboarding

Whether you have to admit a new employee to your environment, a colleague changes department or leaves the company. On- and offboarding is cumbersome and time-consuming. Simplify the onboarding and offboarding of your employees and automate the assignment of rights, programs and even hardware requests.

Address Security Vulnerabilities

Accelerate the resolution of security vulnerabilities in your system. As soon as a vulnerability is detected in your system, the responsible machine is isolated and an appropriate ticket is created. The malicious software is thus denied access and your admin can switch from the ticket to the affected machine to fix the problem. Simple, smooth and uncomplicated to save you precious time.

Transparency & Overview

Get more out of your environment! Unified IT dashboards give you the ability to access all the data in your applications. Third-party providers are not left out and all information is made available to you in a clear form.

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License juser-based subscription
Minimum User Count 500 Users
Term 2 or 3 Years
Delivery Model On-Premise = standard price OR Cloud = standard + hosting price
True-Forward Base + 20 % (without back charges)
Price Protection For contract term