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Simple, efficient & user-friendly!

With highly complex, automated client management solutions, complete network infrastructures - from the desktop to the individual user - can be controlled within a company. In the process, the well-known software manufacturers lose sight of the small processes that make up the largest part of the daily recurring work of an IT admin.

While in most companies the "know-how" or the necessary resources are not available, a service provider who lives "client management" has to find a solution for these problems. From client project to client project, different approaches develop to make tasks easier, faster, standardized and ultimately more cost-effective for the client. In the course of time, best practices have established themselves, which OFF LIMITS has carefully integrated into a single tool in many years of projects and with a lot of experience.

Ivanti DSM and EPM Management Center

Management console & useful tools for easier and faster management of Ivanti Unified IT solutions (DSM and EPM).

WIM Updater

Patch and manage Winodws images easily and conveniently with just a few clicks.

Office Extractor

... for quick unpacking of Office patches, script library and more.

Key Features

  • maintenance processes from patching up to 20x faster
  • integrated DSM mode for direct correction of security vulnerabilities in operating system images
  • targeted "one-click" remote or RDP connection to clients
  • up to 5x faster basic Office installation and update routine
  • time-saving maintenance of Windows operating system images
  • clear, intuitive and high-performance interface

While in most companies the "know-how" or the necessary resources are not available, a service provider who lives the topic "Client Management" has to find a solution for these problems.

DSM und EPM Management Center

Quick & fast maintenance tasks

The DSM and EPM Management Centers are a core component of the OFF LIMITS Toolbox and have been specially tailored to the needs of an IT administrator who has to operate the Ivanti Unified Endpoint Management solutions.

Important routine administrative tasks can be performed with the help of the toolbox at the push of a button. Among other things it covers the complete maintenance processes of patches. In less than 5% of the usual time, failed patches can be reinstalled, deleted and updated.

IT administrators who are not familiar with the client management solution always have the problem of finding important core functions for processing tickets or assigning software in nested interfaces. Therefore, special attention is paid to the usability of the Toolbox which is why core functionalities and information can be found in the Toolbox with just a few clicks. The Toolbox limits itself to essential elements, bundles several functions and offers them in a clear, performant and intuitive interface.


Keep track of all completed tasks including user information and timestamps from the OFF LIMITS Toolbox. This can be done at regular intervals by e-mail or in a generic log file format, which can be used in all common spreadsheet applications.


With smart functions you can check the consistency of your environment in which deleted objects are removed in the interface but forgotten in the file system. Depending on the size and age of your environment, you can save several 100 GB of storage space.


  • re-install patch policy instances the next time you run the patch management execution packages
  • raise patch policy instances that are "not compliant" to the value of the policy and update them
  • increase and update patch policy instances that are compliance pending to the value of the policy


WIM Updater

Time-saving maintenance of Windows operating system images

The integrated Windows Image (WIM) Updater is used for effective and time-saving maintenance of Windows operating system images based on the command line application DISM provided by Microsoft. It is able to greatly reduce the effort of the update process by automating and simplifying many sub-processes. In addition, all updates are automatically listed after selection of the .wim file by a click and downloaded on request and integrated into the image. The Update Manager is the core module of the program. It is used to select, download and integrate updates, backup and manage language packs. In addition, the Update Manager includes a DSM mode, which is able to detect security vulnerabilities of a client and fix them directly in an image.

Office Extractor

The Office Patch Extractor is a tool to create update directories for Microsoft Office. The update files provided by Microsoft are automatically unpacked and filtered to keep only the most current data within each update. This saves long downtimes, which occur with new installations of Microsoft applications as soon as source data is of older origin or the otherwise - to avoid this problem - necessary re-packaging.

price overview

Number of clients license price* per client maintenance price** per year & client
up to 249 6,00€ 1,20€
up from 250 bis 999 5,40€ 1,08€
up from 1000 bis 4999 4,90€ 0,98€
up from 5000 bis 9999 4,50€ 0,90€
up from 10000 4,20€ 0,84€

* The license price does not include software maintenance. In addition to the license price per client, costs of 20% are due for software maintenance. The resulting price for software maintenance refers to a term of 12 months.

** Within the scope of software maintenance, only updates, upgrades, error corrections, new releases or versions are made available.

All prices quoted are exclusive of the applicable statutory VAT.