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Patch Management

invest in patch management processes that allow you to quickly and consistently apply updates to the different platforms in your IT environment.

Patch Management

In companies, patch management is of great importance for security and stability. Patch management solutions for enterprise environments analyze all managed systems, scan them for vulnerabilities, and keep them up to date with updates.

To ensure that the patch management solution can be successfully implemented and administered in your organization, it requires a comprehensive solution that extends from planning and design to implementation and administration.

Planning and Concept Development

As an IT partner who implements an integrated patch management solution, we always keep in mind that every company strives for different work processes and priorities in dealing with this issue. With years of experience, we are well equipped to offer you a solution that is based on best practices, but is still individually tailored to your company.

Process Model for Patch Management Procedures

In order to successfully implement a patch management concept, each procedure requires a detailed process model. We support you, within the scope of creating a process model, in the form of consulting or as part of a holistic patch management concept.

Implementation of a patch management strategy

Of course, we also support you in the implementation of a technical solution based on an existing concept and process model. Our consultants have years of experience with the implementation of such projects and technical solutions in the field of patch management.

supported technologies

Ivanti DSM

Quest KACE