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Our Events

Whether you are a new or a regular customer, we would like to welcome you to our events! Enjoy an extraordinary day, take the chance to exchange experiences with our experts of different manufacturers and share your experiences with other customers.

Events and workshops

Every year we conduct several events for our customers. We provide IT news, inform you about product developments and offer the opportunity to get into contact with manufacturer experts as well as our own consultants.

Please note that currently our events are held exclusively in German, whereas sponsored events might be held in English. While our consultants and sales managers are well versed in English, our main target market is the DACH region with mostly German speaking customers. Still, if you are interested in attending our events, please let us know using the contact form below. A member of our marketing department will get in touch with you shortly to discuss the available events and the required language skills, they will also be able to provide you with a person of contact to scheduel an individual meeting should your participation in our event not be considered worthwhile due to a language barrier.

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past events

Here you will find impressions of our events of the past years. Get an idea of what you can expect at our events.

Race Day Meeting - Nürburgring 2018

Race Day Meeting - Hockenheimring 2018

Wine and Dine - Zürich 2018