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Desktop PC for office staff ...

Office staff profile

Even today, a desktop-based data processing infrastructure from desktop systems is still required for much of the office work. Whether for functional reasons or because of security and compliance requirements: For bank employees, call center staff or training lab staff, fixed client systems with full control over access and functionality are the best solution.

As diverse as the user

Tower- and Small-Form-Factor

Tower and Small Form Factors are designed to adapt seamlessly to a workplace. Always equipped with maximum performance in space-saving designs to get the optimum of performance and form factor.


The All-in-One models deliver the necessary excellent performance in an ultra-slim design. With the accompanying 4K UHD display, you'll experience razor-sharp, more detailed images for every one of your projects. Easy setup and upgrades without tools to minimize downtime and IT resource utilization.

Micro PCs

Ultra-compact business desktop PCs with a variety of mounting options that fit perfectly into any workspace. Perfect for personalized services and running specific business applications.

innovatives portfolio

All new all-in-one devices feature elegant shapes, vibrant displays and versatile placement options, providing users with a world-class experience. Ultra-compact and powerful form factors in a variety of sizes and configurations, and with a variety of performance options, make it easy to work with.

industry-leading consistency

The OptiPlex has been addressing the needs of commercial customers for many years. The devices in this product line are designed with the understanding that reliability is the critical factor in any desktop purchase decision.

manageable and reliable

The world's easiest-to-manage desktop is specifically designed for flexible and automated BIOS and system configurations. In addition, all systems have a reliable, rugged enclosure that has been extensively tested (including the military standard MIL-STD 810G).