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Notebook, convertible or 2-in-1

... with handy functions and a slim design, enable productivity at any time of day. No matter where your work takes you - on the road, at your desk or in a café.

State-of-the-art equipment for mobile performance

The Latitude portfolio of hardware enables employees to do their jobs faster and more efficiently. The industry-leading battery life of up to 80% in less than an hour (ExpressCharge), the high-quality workmanship with selected materials and not least the associated accessories, enable the user to work anywhere and at any time.

Performance and productivity on your desk

Dell develops intelligent accessories that are easy to set up and efficient to use every day. With a simple transition from desk work to mobile work, you can meet your business needs anywhere, anytime.

Latitude Laptops & 2-in-1s (2018) Product Overview (engl.)

productive - always and everywhere!

Dell Power Companion 18.000 mAh

With the Dell™ Power Companion you always have additional power for your system and can increase your productivity.

Dell Business Dock | WD15

Become even more productive thanks to the dock. This allows you to connect up to two monitors and power your notebook. A single type C USB cable powers your notebook and provides data and video connections.

Dell USB-C Mobile Adapter

Connect your Latitude to virtually any device with the convenient 6-in-1 compact adapter to work anywhere.

Workforce Transformation: Powering Office Workers (engl.)