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is now an OFF LIMITS IT Services GmbH trademark

Ijando - one application for everything

A new flexible platform for communication...

... developed for groups, teams and companies. Ijando includes all tools - such as voice and video calls, chats, e-mail, data storage and a virtual workplace with applications and data - in a single intelligent virtual workstation on a cloud basis.

Data security

Ijando Business Workplace combines flexible communication, encrypted data storage and virtual workstations in a cloud-based infrastructure for enterprises.

The system creates a protective barrier (firewall, 2-time encryption, individual encryption, automatic intrusion detection) to protect communication and data while informing about unauthorized access attempts. This is done via a traffic light system (green/yellow/red).

As a customer, it is easy to adjust the encryption levels and an overview of the stored data is available at all times. The security measures offered are significantly higher than those of most other enterprise infrastructures - your own Fort Knox for your data. The only access we have as a platform operator is encrypted data.

Enormous savings

Today's workstations not only include a stationary workstation, but also a netbook for logging into the company network. In addition to communication via e-mail and telephone, data is exchanged between different devices and servers.

Solutions for virtualization or home offices are used to enable access to virtual systems in the corporate network.
Soon, our customers will be able to get up and running in just a few minutes - without a new technological base or additional IT personnel. Groups or companies don't need servers because of our cloud-based solution. Our platform offers complete mobility of your workplace while ensuring the security of your data and saving your money.

Your workplace - wherever you are!

You can access your virtual desktop from any internet-enabled device in the world.

Making phone calls, video conferencing or working on documents or projects in a team - everything you need to work in a secure cloud solution - made in Germany.