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Dell Rugged Hardware

The sturdy devices in the Dell Rugged family deliver the best performance in their class as well as the proven management and security features of enterprise hardware. Rugged hardware allows you to push your limits and deliver top results in virtually any harsh environment. The hardware excels with its impressive resilience. Thanks to resilient components, you can rely on these notebooks to withstand shocks, drops and shocks.

Durable design

Thanks to a solid magnesium alloy base and shock-absorbing ultrapolymer material, Dell's Rugged equipment is extremely durable.

Perfectly protected

The systems are IP65 or IP52 certified and reliably protected against sand, dust and liquids. All openings are sealed with compression gaskets, the serrated edges grip optimally into the seal and provide additional sealing.

Highly temperature resistant

Even heat cannot harm the Rugged Extreme hardware family. Thanks to QuadCool™ fourth-generation temperature management, they can withstand even extreme temperatures.

More Key Features

All Rugged devices are ideal for use in confined environments or situations where a practical mobile device is required.

With 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity and a dedicated GPS receiver, you can stay connected on the move.

The 4-cell battery included as standard provides up to 9.1 hours of battery runtime and guarantees uninterrupted mobility. With an optional hot-swappable backup battery and optional spare battery charger, you can enjoy even longer battery runtime on the go.

The universal docking solutions from Dell, Havis and PMT are compatible with all Latitude Rugged notebooks. So you can easily switch your system between vehicles and workspaces.

Rugged Extreme hardware is equipped with fast, reliable solid-state storage that is easily accessible. All you have to do is remove the protective cover and your hard drive is ready to go.

The robust system housing incorporates powerful and efficient sixth-generation Intel® Core™ processors to handle the most demanding tasks.

Whether the latest USB 3.0 accessories or legacy devices - with a serial port, an Ethernet port and an optional PCMCIA card reader, rugged notebooks offer comprehensive device connectivity options.

Latitude 7212 - Rugged Extreme Tablet

Tablet computing in a lightweight design that provides robust performance for field use.

Latitude 7424 - Rugged Extrem Notebook

The most comprehensive set of features and options with the highest level of robust performance.

Latitude 7214 - Rugged Extreme 2-in-1

Mobility and flexibility with an extensive range of functions, with maximum Rugged quality.

Made for handcraft and industry

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