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Modern Workplace

Your workplace - everywhere

Work is no longer a goal, but an activity for which people need the agility and flexibility that they can exercise anywhere, anytime. It is critical to evolve in line with workforce transformation to enable talented professionals to give their best.

Employees expect their employer to give them the opportunity to work productively from anywhere and at any time. Home office work is no longer a rarity, but a common business practice. Nevertheless, the workplace in the office is still important. Many companies therefore rethink the role and structure of the workplace and create flexible workspaces to encourage collaboration, the exchange of ideas and a planer organisation.

Workplace as diverse as employees

The desktop

... is not a boring grey workplace but a think tank that - correctly implemented - enables multitasking and high productivity.


... are designed for the type of users who need to attend two meetings, deliver three presentations and hold one workshop in six conference rooms in a day.

Rugged Extreme

... hardware must be able to handle almost anything. From the kick in the mud, up to hot temperatures a Rugged device must bear every hazard.

Companies with more satisfied employees have 81% higher customer satisfaction and half the employee turnover compared to other companies.

What it means for companies

Responding to the needs of your employees is the first step on the way to a modern working environment. In order to support you on your way, a partner who can map these needs across a broad technology portfolio is essential to identify potential and goals and implement them technically.